A major expansion of the stud has evolved over the last 10 years. 500 stud females are currently single sire mated to elite Poll Santa Gertrudis sires.

Since 2002, 61 outside bred additional stud sires have been introduced to the Yulgilbar gene pool. A significant addition to Yulgilbar genetics eventuated in 2008 with the landmark purchase of “The Lakes” Santa Gertrudis stud (owned by the Bolster family). The female portion of this widely recognized and established stud were purchased; marking the merger of these 2 major stud operations. Yulgilbar now stands as the largest Santa Gertrudis stud cattle operation in NSW.

Significant AI programs are also conducted utilizing the best available genetics. An Australian record at auction ($80 000) was paid in 2007 for Warenda Sahara (poll). This record stood until 2015.

Cattle selection

Yulgilbar advocates balanced assessment criteria for cattle selection. This combines visual appraisal for structural soundness, temperament and overall conformation; prudent use of raw measurement data - e.g. frame score, weight, daily weight gain, actual scrotal measurements, eye muscle area and fat scans.

Selection of extremes should always be treated with caution. Yulgilbar supports the Santa Gertrudis classification system. Santa Gertrudis group breed plan provides estimates of breeding values that are also of assistance in making choices. Single trait selection for any characteristic is believed to be dangerous and lacks balance in any breeding program. Use of a combination of the many available “tools” for selection in the industry today is valuable and allows the discerning cattle person to be far more informed about their livestock selections than previously before.

Accuracy of data

Since 2017 Yulgilbar has engaged the services of SireTRACE by Zoetis to ensure correct identification of stud cattle sires and dams. Yulgilbar also uses HornPoll genetic testing by Zoetis to determine wether poll bulls are heterozygous or homozygous with the later being a very sought after trait.