The Archives are set in the stone cellars underneath the "The Big House" also known as "The Castle". They were created by Sarah and Baillieu Myer to preserve the rich history of Yulgilbar Station for future generations.

Yulgilbar Pastoral Company - Archives interior shot

A Brief History of Yulgilbar

1840 - 1949

Originally settled by pastoralist Edward Ogilvie in 1840 as a 200,000 acre sheep station. Around 1846 cattle were introduced, as it was realised they were better suited to the country then sheep. In 1858 while away in England, Edward Ogilvie married Theodosia. He designed for her a lavish house at Yulgilbar. He brought stone masons and builders from Germany who used 110,000 hand made bricks to construct what was known as Yulgilbar Castle (today it is commonly referred to as "The Big House". They had 11 children together and lived on Yulgilbar until Theodosia became ill and required specialist medical help in England. Edward passed away in 1896 and his family lived on Yulglibar for another 30 years until it was sold in 1926.

1949 - 1960

Yulgilbar was purchased by Sam Hordern in 1949. He was one of the pioneers of Santa Gertrudis cattle in Australia. He bought the first Santa Gertrudis bull to Yulgilbar (Santa Claus) in 1954. Upon purchase of the property it bore little resemblance to its former glory days. Yulgilbar castle itself had not been maintained and had been vandalised considerably. It was now a crumbling ruin unable to be inhabited. Yulgilbar was just being brought back to life under Sam's leadership when he was killed in a car accident in 1960.

1960 - 2018

After Sam Hordern's death in 1960 Yulgilbar has continued under the ownership of his daughter, Sarah, and her husband Baillieu Myer. It is now the third oldest Santa Gertrudis Stud in Australia. After Sam Hordern's death, his work and vision was carried on. Including the transformation of Yulgilbar Castle, an extensive renovation took place. As much of the original work and design was retained and new materials required came from the property itself. Sarah and Baillieu Myer have developed the station with the aim of being one of the best cattle operations in the country. They have fulfilled the original intentions of Sam, in making Yulgilbar a notable Santa Gertrudis stud with a strong commercial herd. Today Yulgilbar is home to 5,500 cattle including 3,800 females, 1,300 steers and 400 bulls.

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